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We strive for mutually beneficial partnerships where all parties are happy and prosperous!

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Upon signing up, you will automatically receive 25% casino and 30% sports betting revenue share which will increase depending on your performance, detailed below.

up to 0.1 BTC
0.1 to 0.5 BTC
0.5 to 2 BTC
2 to 5 BTC
5 BTC +
up to 0.1 BTC
0.1 to 0.5 BTC
0.5 to 2 BTC
2 to 5 BTC
5 BTC +

Our team of experts are here to find the business model that best suits your needs and are always available to advise you on the best optimization practices to build a long-term profitable partnership. Do not hesitate to get in touch should you wish to discuss an amendment of this plan at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is participation in the program free?
Participation in the partner program is absolutely free! You should just register as a partner. Customer service experts will provide you with a comprehensive support and will consult you concerning the promotion of your ideas
Who can register in the affiliate program?
Anyone with an audience, website visitors, customers, subscribers, or other ways to promote and refer people to can register to join the Affiliate program.
What payment methods do you offer?
We support various payment methods for affiliates, namely: Bitcoin, Ethereum USTD (stablecoin), Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. If you have a method outside these, please get in touch with us.
How do I join?
It's easy - just click here to go to the registration form, fill out the form completely, and we will be in touch as soon as we review your application.
When do I get paid, and what is the minimum value?
The minimum value for payment is €100, and upon month end, you will receive your earnings within 20 days of invoice reception.
How are commissions calculated?
Your monthly commission is your commission percentage multiplied by the total net revenue generated by all of the players you have referred to
Net Revenue is the calculation of the total wagers of a Customer minus (i) winnings, (ii) bonuses awarded, (iii) Deductible Costs.
Deductible Costs include but are not limited to third party licensing fees, chargebacks, progressive jackpot contributions, duties and taxes, transaction fees, Game royalties, and any other cost incurred by the Company and the Operator due to a fraudulent and/or abusive activity of the Customer and are approximately calculated to amount to 25% from the total gaming losses generated by all players you have referred
Do you support negative carryover?
No. None of our plans at have negative carryover enabled.Whatever happens the month before stays in the month before. On the first of every month, your account will be set to €0 so you start fresh and motivated to continue promoting our brands.
How often are stats updated?
We update our statistics daily, roughly around 11 am GMT. 
Which affiliate platform do you use?
We use the NetRefer platform.
How are players tracked? And what is the cookie duration?
We use cookie tracking and special tracking codes to tag the players that you refer to us. Every time a person clicks on your affiliate link (that we provide to you), a cookie, which is a small text file with your affiliate account’s unique identifier in it, is placed in their computer. Whenever anyone you have referred registers as a new player at our casino, our website will see this cookie and assign this player to your affiliate account, and track all of the net revenues they generate, which you will get paid on.These cookies that we place in the computers of people that click your affiliate link last for 30 days. This means that anyone you refer will need to register at within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link in order for you to get credit for the referral.
Can I register more than one website?
Of course. At, we welcome more traffic. You can create more marketing sources at ease via the Affiliate Interface > My Marketing Sources.
Can I promote and get commissions from referring new affiliates?
Yes - if you refer other affiliates and they are accepted into the Affiliate program, you will earn 5% from the commissions of the referred affiliates.
Why was my application rejected?
Every application is reviewed prior to the acceptance.  if you have any questions on why you application was rejected please contact us via
What media items do you have available?
We have various media items available via the affiliate interface, including an array of text links, banners of different sizes, logos and landing pages.
For how long are the players considered to be mine? For how long do they bring money to my company?
If we are using a Revenue Share model, it means that all the players who sign up to our website after following the link on your website are tagged as “your” players, and they will bring a lifetime profit to you. Other affiliate options are discussed individually.

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